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Wanna see a good mom who isn’t even an actual mom? Please look at Britt Westbourne, who is sometimes awful with children, playing with Spencer’s hair and cuddling with him because he was scared. That is a mom, ladies and a gentlemen.

mrszanegecko did this scene not warm your heart?!?!


Okay, so I watched yesterday’s episode. Thrilled that Maxie and Nathan made out. It was awesome.


Was that really the time? Standing over the corpses of the men y’all just killed? Really?

I hadn’t seen the episode but I was telling me friend about this and she brought up the same thing and I was all “oh, I haven’t seen it but they must leave the room or something at least”



I really wanted Nathan to be a Cassadine, damn it!  If Victor isn’t the father, then who is?  Because he can’t be Faison’s son, as Liesl would never have given him to her sister to raise.  Maybe Crichton-Clark isn’t as great as they think they are and the paternity results got faked or switched (please let this be the case!)?

Yeah, seriously- I was loving Victor as Nathan’s father


poor Nathan

moms evil and has psychotic tendencies

aunt who he thought was his mom was evil

dad’s evil

is related to a whole family that is mostly evil and contains psychotic behaviors

it’s a miracle he turned out the way he did considering both environmental and genetic conditions

I bet he and Britt have a lot to talk about, honestly.

I just did what I had to do to protect us.

Victoria Rowell’s(ex-Drusilla Winter, Y&R) tweets today (March 26, 2014)

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The problem I have with the GH fandom.


They complain about people being brought back from the dead for the umpteenth time and say they want new people, but when that happens they still complain if the person is somehow connected to a character or even if they’re original. It gets confusing and irritating after a while. The only person I complain about returning is Heather Webber. 

The issue you’re having here is that the GH fandom is diverse and has individuals who all want different things.

Like I personally have no problem with people coming back from the dead, providing it’s done well etc etc (Like I think the Franco revival was a bad move that makes people go way against character, but Stavros doesn’t have the same problems). And I like it when new characters arrive if I like the character personally, and I like them more if they already have connections (like Sabrina pissed me off and her whole thing with Britt and Patrick wasn’t firmly rooted to the canvas at all, while Nathan doesn’t grate to me and is currently in the thick of both new and old stories).

Other people like different things- there is no massive ‘they’ that all believes the same, contradicting things. I think you’ll be less annoyed if you note who says what, you know?

Sam and Patrick (and Jason)

You know, as I’m thinking about it- is it really necessary for Sam and Patrick to have a romance for this story to work or be compelling? I think that them having a romance only makes it Patrick/Sabrina/Robin all over again.

Sam and Partrick having a genuine friendship could be really good for this show. Everyone in Port Charles is everyone else’s sordid ex-lover, and basically nobody has any friends.

I think the story still works with a friendship and is even better.